Exoplanets: Can Life Exist on Other Worlds?

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Tue 10/27/15 3:00pm to 4:30pm

Is there life on other planets? Come hear this fascinating talk by Former Board Chair and MaH member RIck Harnden, a retired astrophysicist. Venue is the Peterborough Community Theater and event is open to MaH members and the community!

Rick, who spent 40 years working at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (Cambridge, MA) and NASA Headquarters (Washington, DC), is a veteran of the last half-century of excitement in the space age, and enjoys sharing his enthusiasm for the Universe and its mysteries with folks of all ages.

 At our program he will discuss the possibility of habitable planets around distant stars – no longer the stuff of science fiction. Astronomers have now amassed convincing evidence for the existence of (at least!) thousands of planets around stars other than our Sun, just within our own Milky Way Galaxy. Sounds strange. And exciting. Come and learn what Rick can tell us about “exoplanets” and their solar systems.

Could we human beings move to some of them and survive?

RSVP by October 20, 2015 to 603-371-0809 or cindybowen@monadnockathome.org