About Us

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Board of Directors


Monadnock at Home (MaH) is a non-profit membership group run by our Executive Director, Cynthia Bowen, with help from our Town Coordinators. We are governed by a Board of Directors, and our mission is to provide the support, practical means, and community that permits members to stay independent in their own homes as long as possible:

  • Towns east of Mount Monadnock can participate.

  • Our umbrella of care and service consists of the executive director who knows our members and facilitates the resources needed when they request them, whether members are in the stage of just wanting to simplify life by getting referrals of vetted providers for basic home maintenance needs, or finding the best resources for personal care, transportation, homemaking or whatever is needed at each stage.

  • Some towns have a town coordinator to help with recruiting volunteers, keeping in touch (as requested) with the members in their town, and fostering opportunities that build community.

  • The director coordinates resources and customizes them for each member at their request. All people who go into a member’s home have undergone appropriate security checks. Many basic services are free with membership and provided by volunteers. Other pre-screened services are paid for by the member at a rate often discounted for our members. We follow up on all provided services to ensure that they were satisfactory.

  • Together with our Premier Community Partner, New Hampshire Catholic Charities, we partner with other agencies in the area, screening them to ensure we offer the best ones as resources for our members as they need them. We also pre-screen all independent providers used.

  • We provide social, wellness and educational opportunities to foster community, add spice to life, prevent isolation and provide learning for shared concerns that are common to this stage of life. Discounts are available for many community events and wellness opportunities.

  • Both members and non-members have opportunities to volunteer (“Share the Caring”).

  • With the member’s permission, a family member living at a distance could check in with the director if there was a concern.