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A growing number of seniors and older adults across the Monadnock Region have no support network nearby and face increasing difficulties navigating the challenges of living independently in a rural setting – whether it’s being unable to drive and get to the doctor’s office or pick up groceries, or unable to know where to turn when a maintenance or other issues pops up at home.

By volunteering with Monadnock at Home, you can provide much-needed help for them. Whether you like fixing things around the home, are great at solving tech issues, or are willing to pick up and deliver groceries, local seniors need your help!

Volunteering is easy, enjoyable, and works around your availability and desired commitment level. Every small act of kindness from YOU has a life-changing impact for a neighbor in need!

Seniors living in the Monadnock Region need your help.

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Volunteering with Monadnock at Home is easy!

Have you thought about volunteering before, but just haven’t done it? We understand. Life is busy.

We offer flexible opportunities to meet your busy schedule or preferences. You can volunteer as little or as much as you like.

Volunteers assist our members with:

  • Small odd-jobs around the home
  • Pick up and delivery of paid-for & ready-to-go groceries
  • Helping someone in the grocery store
  • Light home maintenance (light repairs, trash removal)
  • Gardening and light outdoor seasonal needs
  • Friendly Calls
  • Friendly Visits
  • Tech assistance with computers, tv, phone, printers, internet, email, etc.
  • Transportation to medical appointments
  • Transportation to the grocery store, pharmacy & bank, hairdresser
  • Transportation to a social event or local library

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Why Volunteer?

Imagine receiving a medical diagnosis and having to wonder how you will get to the doctor? Or no longer being able to drive and having difficulty getting to the grocery store? Or how about having a home maintenance issue come up soddenly, and not knowing where to turn?

It happens often – but with small amounts of time from volunteers, Monadnock at Home fills in the needed gaps and becomes the support network for these older adults trying to remain at home.

The time spent putting the air conditioner in the window or delivering groceries bags, does more than make the living space comfortable and save a trip to the store. You provide peace of mind, hope and joy to someone who could really use it. You are increasing safety, positively affecting health, and decreasing loneliness – YOU are increasing the chance that a senior will successfully be able to remain living at home.

“When I first became a volunteer, it became apparent to me how critical the services of Monadnock at Home are to helping people stay living independently as long as possible. The whole experience has been gratifying to me. It’s pure fun listening to the stories of the client’s experiences throughout their lifetimes, and it’s made me grateful for mine. I truly believe that I have gotten much more out of this experience than I have put in.”

Mark, volunteer

About Monadnock at Home

Monadnock at Home, a program of Catholic Charities NH, provides a wide range of support for local seniors, helping them do what they want most: to remain living independently in their own homes and thrive in their communities. We support them through volunteer-driven transportation, social opportunities and assistance with everyday home needs. We serve seniors in the eastern Monadnock area, including Dublin, Fitzwilliam, Greenfield, Hancock, Harrisville, Jaffrey, Marlborough, New Ipswich, Peterborough, Rindge, Sharon and Temple.